1972 - The Eta Rho "Cold & Cocky" Chapter was charted on March 25, 1972 at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green Kentucky by Gamma Epsilon Lambda and Alpha Lambda Chapters. The Chapter was founded by Brother Ricardo Sisney and Brother Jimmy Stewart. During the time the chapter was founded, Brother Sisney was working for WKU when he was approached by Edward Willis.  The Dean of Student Life stated that there were two other black fraternities on campus and that should meet the needs of all the black men on campus, however if there were more students interested in having a Alpha chapter at the university, it would be considered. Willis went out and found twelve other men who were interested in becoming Alpha men. The charter line included:  Napoleon Avery, Joseph Ellison, William Fox, Edward Givens, Reginald Glass, Gilbert Kelly, George E. Kendrick, Byron Kirkwood, Ernest Mathis, James McWhorter, Eddie Wills Jr., Hugh L. Winstead Jr. and Daniel Woodward.  Site


1969 - The Zeta Omicron Chapter was chartered on January 11, 1969 on the campus of Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky. The Chapter was chartered by 15 brothers who dared to stand together in the midst of intense segregation. Like the founders of Alpha some six plus decades before, the 15 Charter members were committed to establishing a bond that would span a lifetime. These men were: Henry Armstrong, Jerome Brandon, Melvin Ferguson, Michael Hamilton, Stewart Jenkins, Charles Luney, Kenneth Morris, Michael Munford, William Orr, Marshall Sandusky, Don Smith, Donald Stevenson, Otis Stewart, James Stocks, and Clarence Weathers. Site